Marge Richards
Cell 610-212-6586

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about my offerings.
Just email or call.
Welcome to the world of Marge Richards!

After years of engaging in many of the healing and esoteric arts, my consulting practice has evolved into a few simple offerings:
     Card and I Ching Readings
     House Clearings and Blessings
     Nine Star Ki Astrology
     The Mary Connections (Mary Magdalene and Blessed Mary)

I am also available to speak at, and facilitate, group gatherings primarily focused on the many  aspects and expressions of the Divine Feminine.

Here's what is being said about my work:
     "You have inspired me to continue to nourish myself spiritually and find guidance in what is appearing before me and all around me."
     "Thank you so much for your time, energy and wisdom yesterday.  As usual,
      I can tell you the information was just what I needed. You truly are amazing."

Please take a minute to check out the beautiful work
Ginny Zaboronek and I created and had published.

Original artwork by Charlotte Garrett.

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