Marge Richards
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Ginny Zaboronek and Marge Richards are co-creators of the Inspiring Butterflies project which includes a deck of inspirational cards and the guided journal, 27 Days of Inspiration.

Marge Richards                        

Marge Richards is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader, and retreat facilitator. She is dedicated to empowering women by assisting them in unveiling their own innate goodness and sacredness.   She works through  a variety of ancient and long-hidden traditions via ritual and ceremony.

As a master of
Feng Shui principles she is able to connect person and place to the highest vibration and alignment. She creates sacred space from which one can be fully supported on their journey.

Marge's credentials are wide and varied and include
post-graduate work through the University of Pennsylvania where she became certified as an Authentic Happiness Coach.

For many years she was steeped in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and mantras. Her most current work is devoted to Mary Magdalene and bringing her integral role in early Christianity to consciousness. Marge teaches the 7 Graces of the Magdalene.

In her position as Executive Vice President of Meyer Design, Inc., she witnessed the beginning of the Green Design movement and continues her research into toxic chemicals in our homes and workplaces.

She is a former board member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She co-authored a 5 day certification program for Feng Shui Interior

Marge is a member of the St. Mary Magdalene Community, which welcomes all to their table every Sunday in various locations. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Franciscan Spiritual Center and co-facilitates their monthly Women's Awareness Salon .