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Modern day Mala Beads
Modern day Rosary Beads.
So see the similarities between the beads. Both beautiful and perfect.

My exploration of Mary, the Mother of Jesus in the Christian tradition, began with a book - The Way of the Rose.

Here are some excerpts:
     "The first mention of a rosary-like devotion is over 5,000 years ago and refers to japamala, which in Sanskrit means 'muttering garland.' From this evolved what is now called Mala Beads.
     The current form of the rosary emerged in the middle ages as Christianity. People
were forbidden from worshiping the Great Mother of their ancestors in any explicit way, but they were able to continue their devotion to her privately while holding on to their beads.   
     The rosary was a way of grafting devotion to the Virgin onto the rootstock of far older, more Earth-centered forms of goddess worship handed down from prehistoric times.     
     Rosary beads, humble as they are, can bring forth so much beauty, love, healing, and—yes—so many miracles of all kinds."
After reading the book, I went in search of my mother's rosary beads.
I modified the prayers to have a more feminine and contemporary perspective and now use the beads as a meditation. I love feeling the beads and calling in the blessings with my words. Just email if you are interested in this idea.